Malcolm Dayton, LPC, CPC

Married for 28 years, I have been blessed to share caring, love, and commitment with my best friend and life partner, Teresa.  We are the proud parents of two young adult sons setting out on their own remarkable journeys.

Specializing in couples counseling in my graduate training, I sat for my licensing boards in 1994 and have maintained my licensure to date.  To stay abreast of advancements in couples work over the years, I have furthered my professional credentials by completing certification programs in:

Couple Coaching

Group Coaching

Professional Coaching

Mindbody Medicine


And, I am currently advancing my skills by way of the doctoral program in Psychology at Northcentral University. 

Over the years, I have focused my energies on my greatest passion – serving couples facing heartbreak – which has led me to create an online, integral training and coaching program to heal and grow your relationship – a process I call Heart Breaking Open™ — a transformative learning program to effect empowering change in your most significant love relationship.

I receive no greater joy than guiding struggling partners to new, more meaningful relationships – creating a deeper, more stable bond of authenticity, integrity, caring and love – together again, in the most beautiful of ways.

For some, Heart Breaking Open™ leads to awakening a renewed life of lasting love; others have chosen an awakened divorce.  That is the essence of Heart Breaking Open™ — to serve your unique medley of needs, desires and goals – and all you need to bring to the table is willingness.

So, be willing now.  It is best if we can work together with your spouse; but, even if you are the only one committed to resolving your couple differences, then that is where we begin – with you as an individual – because as you advance your relationship skills, your relationship will grow, change, and transform as well. 

I genuinely look forward to guiding you to new and meaningful couple decisions – so you may experience the true freedom that comes with a heart broken open in love!

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Malcolm Dayton, LPC, CPC

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